We all love beautiful things! We also love things that work! And every designer's obligation is to design beautiful things that work properly. Form should always follow function. All structures needs to be engineered and designed properly; fit for purpose; especially when they carry people. Then clothing function with form comes down to understanding the product and the creative prowess of the designer. Engineering can be taught, but design talent is a gift. There is a subtlety to good design and a psychology to understanding its purpose. Everyone may have their own idea of what's beautiful, but beauty is found in harmony between form, function and relevance.


Crescendo Designs presents engineering and design experience in multihull design. With an emphasis on performance vessels, Crescendo Designs focusses on modern premium materials and the strategic use of these materials for the strongest, safest, light-weight, and efficient designs. This emphasis on performance is more about motion behaviour than top speed.


Robert has been designing and engineering his whole life. He studied mechanical engineering in the United States and worked for a leading design software company. All his employment experience has been in the marine industry; from component manufacture to big brand production. His first international design award was in 2015. He has lived and worked on 3 different continents and visited 22 countries. He’s an ex-professional athlete and a natural sportsman. Sailing has always captured his imagination, but it was after his exposure to boutique performance multihulls when the crescendo happened.

Between 2016 and 2018 Robert worked under the apprenticeship of Jeff Schionning then took the lead design role from 2019. His twenty year experience in marine design and engineering has included both sail and power, with a focus on performance catamarans in both categories. To date Robert has been the principal on 15 different yacht designs.

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